Newborn and baby sessions are a 2 hour session held in your home with parents, baby, and siblings. This is where the most natural connection between you and your baby exists and shines. Newborn photography is not just about the baby - it's about celebrating a new family. Photographing this in-home session also allows for feedings, changing and breaks for baby and family.

Each sessions consists of: 

Family Time - Moments spent with parents relaxing with your new baby snuggling, cuddling and taking in the new sweet moments. 

Siblings Moments - As a mother, I know that the other most important person at your Newborn Session is the older sibling(s). The first few months of welcoming a new baby into "their" home can be overwhelming, exciting and confusing. I aim to capture real, natural images of the relationship between the newborn and their sibling(s), allowing organic interaction to take place. 

You + Babe Moments - This time is spent with me capturing the quiet moments happening between you and your new babe. Some of my favourite images come from these moments.

Just Babe - Here I aim to capture images of them in their nursery or on the master bed (for example). This is the time I like to make relaxed close-up images of them. Their tiny hands and feet, etc.. 

Will I get digital photos from my session?  Yes! You will never be asked to pick between images and to select only your favourites. My goal and job is to create a cohesive gallery from our time spent together, one that accurately documents the session that took place. Therefore, all of my sessions include an online, password protected gallery where you can download the images from your session. Each session will include a copy of black and white, and colour images. 

Investment: $500