"What can I say but Cheryl is an amazing photographer, professional, all around woman! She captured me and my children in a away that when people see the pictures say I can see the love that surrounds you and your children. They're my world and thanks to Cheryl and her talent to effortlessly capture it I can visually see that everyday hanging on my wall. So thank you Cheryl, there's no real words to express what you did for me." - Jennifer Tracy

"Cheryl came into my home and spent over 3 hours capturing so many amazing shots of my family. She made everyone including my dog feel so comfortable and at ease. Her photos brought tears to my eyes, each photo was so amazing I could never pick just one for my favorite. I would recommend everyone to have Cheryl come and photograph and capture those special images that will be with you for a lifetime. Thank you so much Cheryl." - Shannon Britton