“How we spend our days, of course, is how we spend our lives.”

– Anne Dillard

What is Family Photojournalism?

Family Photojournalism - also referred to as Visual Storytelling or Documentary Photography - has much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait....and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your ordinary life. This can be done to mark a transition, to document a life season that is fleeting, or just because.

Why would you want a Family Photojournalism session?

Because while those portraits you had taken a few years ago in matching outfits are pretty, they don't tell anyone much about the people that you are. But these are the sorts of images that begin to really express something of the unique wonder that is your particular family. These are the images that get more precious with time. You'll be able to sit down and look at them in 5+ years and remember how your house was decorated, your favourite summer or winter activities, and the crooked smile of baby teeth mixed with adult. These are the sorts of images that when your children look back on them as adults, they will be flooded with memories of their own personal history. Through the eyes of my camera, I hope you'll be able to see with fresh perspective the incredible life you've been given and the beauty of the people with whom you're sharing it. 

So why you?

I understand how your normal, everyday events may seem insignificant; but I assure they are not! Photos from your everyday life are more beautiful than any portrait could ever be, and I’d love the opportunity to tell a chapter of your family story.

 What can you Expect from the Session?

I come into your family home for approximately 3 hours while you are doing your normal activities together. No one is asked to stop and look at the camera or even to smile at me.  Instead, as you play and work together I'm silently creating a series of images that tell a story about this particular season in your family's life together.  You can expect to hear me asking questions about your family and life, lying on the floor to ‘get a shot’, and pointing my camera up close to capture those treasured moments.

So what is this Not?

Unfortunately this is not a time when family portraits will be taken. If having grandparents, aunts ‘n’ uncles, and other family members around is something you’d normally do, please have them there. However, my goal is to capture real, honest and genuine moments between family members – nothing staged.

What’s in it FOR YOU?

Aside from helping me build my portfolio (thank you!!), you will receive a password protected, online gallery of images from the session (a predetermined number of photos is not given) for you to download at your convenience and cherish for years to come (free of charge, of course!)


In allowing me into your home and upon signature of a signed contract, you will allow me (Cheryl Glecoff and Cheryl Glecoff Photography) to use those captured images on my blog, website, other social media sites and for promotional material.