Perfectly Imperfect Family Photography

Emotional, Joyful, Tender, Playful Moments.

For years I tried changing the way I captured families. I tried convincing myself that the standard, eyes forward, everyone smiling portraits were the only type of sessions that families would want to book, pay and hire me for.

You see, I first picked up a camera when my children were toddlers because I wanted to capture authentic moments of their childhood. I wanted to remember the feeling of that specific moment in time and that specific emotion they were experiencing. And so, that’s what I did and I loved every single image I captured. In fact, I have a portrait of each child hanging in my bedroom and guess what they look like? They are wet (because they had just stepped out of the pool), their hair matted, and sitting in overgrown grass with dandelions surrounding them. These are real portraits of my real kids, and they are my favourite.

So what does this mean for you, someone looking to hire a family photographer where the options of photographers are endless?

I can only tell you what an experience with me as your photographer will be like. It will fun, relaxed, directed and perfectly imperfect. My goal is to capture the emotion of the moment so when you look back at the images you will remember what it felt like at that time. I love families acting like themselves and interacting with one another.

Here are some examples. I hope you enjoy!

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