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One of the most frequent questions I receive from families when I first meet them is, “How long have you been doing this?” and “What made you start a photography business?”.

The short answer is “7 years” and “my own family”.

The long answer goes more like this: When my youngest was about 7 months old I would try taking pictures of her and my eldest. I would become very frustrated with the fact that by the time the “button-thing” (aka the shutter) released, she’d be across the room and all my images would be blurry. I had no idea why and I become obsessed with figuring out how to take better photos of them - ones that I could actually use and liked! I have always loved photography and prints, and once I dove deeper in the photography world, I was hooked. I carried that camera with me all the time, and now proudly have years of my children’s lives documented and shelves of photo albums, which they love to curl up and look at.

My love for documenting authentic childhood moments transformed into a passion to document other families so they could feel and hold something tangible, creating memories and keepsakes for their own family.